Managing Data Effectively

OpenGenomeBrowser is a powerful tool for genome data management and comparative genomics. Its user-friendly interface seamlessly enhances your ability to derive maximum insights from well-organized data and speed up the R&D process.


Key Challenges

Ever more genomic data is available, shifting the bottleneck from data generation to data management and data analysis.

OpenGenomeBrowser makes comparative genomics organized, easy and fast, reducing analysis time from hours or days to mere minutes.

OpenGenomeBrowser makes comparative genomics organized, easy and fast, reducing analysis time from hours or days to mere minutes.

Genomic Challenges

As genomic data continues to grow, the demand for systematic organization, exploration, comparison, analysis, and sharing escalates. However, existing platforms are often unsuitable, with different interfaces and limited functionality. What's more, they're often closely tied to specific datasets, which poses significant challenges for software adoption across different projects.

Data Management

The exponential growth in data, driven by the decreasing costs of sequencing, has presented a formidable challenge in the realm of data management. The sheer abundance of information has outpaced traditional approaches, necessitating innovative solutions to effectively organize, analyze, and derive meaningful insights. In recognition of the urgency of this issue, we are committed to addressing the evolving landscape of data management and ensuring efficiency and reliability in the face of ever-expanding datasets.

Cumbersome Data Analysis

The intricacies of data analysis pose a significant challenge in today's landscape. Even routine workflows frequently demand proficiency in computer programming. This complexity adds layers of difficulty to the analytical process, impeding efficiency and accessibility. In the face of these challenges, we strive to streamline data analysis and provide solutions that empower users regardless of their programming background.

Shortage of Bioinformaticians

In the realm of microbial genomics, the scarcity of skilled bioinformaticians presents a pressing challenge. The flourishing landscape of microbial genomics stands in stark contrast to the limited availability of professionals well versed in bioinformatics. This scarcity hinders potential breakthroughs and discoveries in this dynamic field. We believe fostering opportunities for collaboration and the growth of bioinformatics expertise will help bridge this gap.


Introducing OpenGenomeBrowser—the first self-hosted , versatile, dataset-independent, scalable web platform designed for genome data management and comparative genomics.

Tailored Services for You

We are here to support your microbial genomics needs with our services centered around OpenGenomeBrowser!

Setup Consulting

Efficiently integrate OpenGenomeBrowser into your workfl​ow with our expert Setup Consulting for a seamless implementation process.

Data Migration

Migrate your data effortlessly into the browser with our assistance to ensure a swift transition.

Tailored Training 

Empower your team with our tailored training sessions to maximize their proficiency with OpenGenomeB​rowser's capabilitie​s.​

Maintenance and Support

Get expert support whenever needed for OpenGenomeBrowser with our Maintenance package. 

General Consulting

Leverage our team's expertise for personalized guidance and solutions in bioinformatics consulting.

Genome Processing

Streamline your research workflow by entrusting us with processing your genomes to ensure accurate, timely results. 

Why our clients love working with us

OpenGenomeBrowser in Action

OpenGenomeBrowser streamlines genome data management, providing a platform for user-friendly data analysis that eliminates the necessity of programming skills. This, in turn, reduces product development time. The main tools include pathways, gene comparison, phylogenetic trees, annotation search, dot plot, flower plot, gene trait matching, and BLAST, collectively enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of genomic research.

Achieve Measurable Results

Our customers have seen the following results from our OpenGenomeBrowser and additional services:


reduction in analysis time


return on investment


user satisfaction


saved budget on custom-made solutions

Supporters & Partners

OpenGenomeBrowser has won the Innovative Resource Award from the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Abrinca is an official spin-off of the University of Bern

Abrinca successfully pitched at Venture Kick Stage 1 and 2, winning 50,000 CHF

Abrinca successfully pitched at the STI foundation, winning 70,000 CHF

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